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 Minton Family Dental Care proudly accepts most dental insurance and considers it an important component of our dental practice. As a service to you, we file your claims and help you receive your due benefits. In return, we require you to pay your estimated portion at the time of service and any remaining balance after the insurance company has paid the portion they are obligated to pay.

Please be sure and bring your insurance card with you when you come for an appointment.

Know Your Policy

Your insurance plan is unique to you and your insurance company. Prior to your appointment, it is important that you contact your dental insurance company and discuss with them your policy and your benefits in relation to our office.

Depending on your policy, there is a possibility that you will receive zero benefits at certain offices, so be sure and tell your company that you are planning to visit our office and assure that benefits are available.

Know Your Benefits

Dental Insurance rarely pays all your dental expenses, so call your dental insurance company and discuss with them the parameters of your coverage specifically in reference to our office.

Benefits can vary from office to office depending on how your policy is written. It is also important for you to know your annual maximum amount, your frequency restrictions, any waiting periods, and any exclusions. We ask that you pay your estimated personal portion at the time you have service rendered.

Understand Our Role

Your dental insurance policy is an agreement between you, frequently your employer, and the insurance company. Our office is not privy to this policy or agreement which restricts our ability to know all the details of your policy.

We will attempt to give you accurate estimates of payment, but please know that these are only estimates and can change due to the complexity of insurance benefits.

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