Financial Info

At Minton Dental we want to help you afford the dental care you need and want.  Maintaining a high level of dental health is critical to your long term general health and happiness, so we want to make it possible for you to receive the treatment you need.  Generally speaking, we request that you pay for your services at the time they are rendered. 

If you have a dental benefit plan to assist you with payment, please close this section and click on the section titled “INSURANCE.”  For those of you who do not have dental benefit plans available, we contract with two third-party finance companies specifically for you.  Each of these companies can offer you interest-free and low-interest monthly payment plans.  For more information on these monthly plans and companies, please call or contact our office.  We will be glad to provide more information and to answer your questions.

Save Money


At our office, you can save money by paying ahead of time or at the first of a series of appointments.  If the total treatment you need exceeds $500.00 and you pay in full with cash or check prior to treatment, we will reduce your balance by 5%.

If you meet these same criteria and pay with a credit card, we will reduce your balance by 3%. Frequently this type of savings can save you a considerable amount of money.  

If you do not have an estimate for the cost of your treatment or have a question concerning your amount due, please call our office at 423-626-7070 or click the Contact Us tab at the top of the page.


Credit Cards


Many of us now days, prefer to pay what we owe with our credit and/or debit cards. For your convenience we accept major credit and debit cards, specifically VISA and MasterCharge. The use of cards also makes it easy to pay your bills online or over the phone.

If you desire, you may pay your balance by clicking on the SmileDash icon, entering your Smile Dash log-in and password, and making your payment through this secure portal.

You may also call us at 423-626-7070 or go directly to the Smile Dash website at  If you do not have your SmileDash log-in or password, please call our office for your initial set-up.


Making Payments


While we do not have in house financing, we accept national financing companies for those who require monthly payments,  Each of these financing companies offers a variety of monthly payment plans to fit your budget, including several plans with no-interest charges.

These companies are accepted not just by our office, but by a large number of dental and health professionals.

If you are interested in monthly payment plans, please contact our office by phone or by e-mail so that we can more thoroughly explain their options and policies to you. You may also click the links below for more information.


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